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Where Beauty, Flavor and Style meet Ethics and Function

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We believe that Beauty, Style and Indulgent foods, should not have to be sacrificed in order to minimize any negative impacts on our health or on the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

We believe that goods created by artisans who are passionate about what they do are superior to those that are mass produced for mindless consumption.

We believe in the consumption of high quality goods that will add value, either by providing a function, an experience or an inspiration.

We believe in seeking and experiencing all the joy, beauty, colors and flavors the world has to offer.

We believe in finding any excuse to celebrate, the big things, as well as the small things.

We believe in savoring all the joyous moments that arise.

We believe in the innate caring and generous nature of the human spirit.


The cutting edge of green: Where Flavors, Beauty and Style

meet Ethics, Creativity and Ingenuity


 Our Story

Fresh Unlimited was created by us, (two sisters - Helene  and Jocelyne), and grew out of an appreciation for life's little luxuries, combined with an increasing concern about the safety of our food supply.  Our concern was initially with the toxic herbicide and pesticide residues in foods, as well as the numerous synthetic substances that were added to foods solely to reduce the manufacturers’ costs and to artificially prolong shelf life i.e. food dyes and preservatives.

Having grown up with an exposure to the natural and alternative health industry, we'd become increasingly aware of the potential (longer term) health effects of these various chemicals and additives.  More recently, we also became concerned with the genetic manipulation of foods by companies such as Monsanto, particularly given a lack of evidence to support the safety of these foods.  Our frustration was compounded by the refusal of the government (both Canadian and American) to require labeling for foods that contained GMOs, which prevents us from being able to choose for ourselves whether we wanted to consume these foods and participate in this experiment.

Initially, the choices that were available when it came to indulgent foods were either "healthy treats" found at health stores, (which we found to be far from delicious) or the more decadent options, which were filled with various chemicals and toxins, not to mention the likely child slave labor components of most chocolate brands.  We slowly however, began to notice a few exceptions.  Our first find was gourmet chocolate bars made with all organic ingredients.  These were among the finest tasting chocolates we’d tried, and yet contained no harmful chemicals - and were made with fair trade chocolate.

This was a game changer for us!  It was then that we started to see that it was possible to enjoy delicious and indulgent foods without having to consume the various toxins found in mainstream food options.  So, you really can have your cake and eat it too!!  We also began to realize that the indulgent foods available in the mainstream that were being touted as “luxuries” were really not so luxurious after all.  How could something that contained such low quality and even toxic ingredients be considered a luxury?   Shouldn’t a luxury, at the very least, be something that provides pure enjoyment without any potential for negative effects?    

It was with this principle in mind that Fresh Unlimited was created.  We began to search and discovered an amazing treasure trove of indulgent foods and exquisite items that were created by various artisans around the world who cared, not just about the short term or immediate impact of their creations, such as the taste or esthetics of what they produced, but who were also concerned about the longer term impacts of the ingredients, materials and processes they used on the end-user as well as on the planet.  These are artisans who are committed to the integrity of their products through every step of the process.      

The good news is that we are seeing more and more such products coming into the marketplace everyday.  And these products match, and often surpass, the more conventional offerings in terms of the quality, the esthetics and the flavors  they offer, while also having the added advantage of having been created and produced with a sense of caring for the overall impact of their product.


Where Flavors, Beauty and Style meet Ethics, Creativity and Ingenuity

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